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hazy like the heart

Hazy like the Heart

Escucha me, escucha me
Si el hecho de mi esta en mi al corazón
Dime porqué, dime porqué
De tal amor dentro a mi corazón

Yo voy caminando
a la montaña donde naci

No puedo vivir
A la noche del camino ir
Al del cielo
Yo miraba una estrella
No puedo vivir
Al lado del camino ir
Que no vivo
Pasa el tiempo

Listen to me, listen to me
If it is real, it’s inside my heart
Tell me why, tell me why
There is love like this, inside my heart

I’m walking to
the mountain where I was born
I can’t live
Going to the road night
To the sky
I was looking at one star
I can’t live
Walking aside the road
I don’t live
Time is passing


The heart wants what it wants despite the facts of reality.  My dreams are ladden with visions of something I cannot and probably should not have.  Acceptance comes slowly.

Away from the city sounds. I wash my soul with the ocean waves watching them cliffside from the back yard.  On the edge of the precipice I watch the hawks rise and float on the wind, closing my eyes to feel the wind too.

The city beckons and calls, my oasis near  the water gives me the caress I long for……



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Excalibur 2009

Excalibur 2009

There are some fates one cannot escape.  I once had dreams of living on a sailboat or an RV, traveling with my home.  I don’t know if I really expected it to become reality, but now it has.  I have made a conscious decision by purchasing this boat, that a part of my life will now revolve, flow, exist with the ocean.  A path forged, sown so long ago, beginning in my childhood has fruited many, many years later.  I played with the idea before, when I owned a 27 foot Catalina.  But now, I am playing with the big fishes…or whales, a 46 footer with a steel hull.  Blue water passages, here I come.

Near the mouth of the Panama Canal

Near the mouth of the Panama Canal

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